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Agenda-Planning & Zoning Commission-May 12, 2014

Notice is hereby given that the Planning & Zoning Commission of the City of Hillsboro shall meet in regular session Monday, May 12, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at Historic City Hall, located at 127 E. Franklin Street in Hillsboro, Texas. The matters to be discussed and acted upon are as follows:

1. Call Meeting to Order.

2. Deliberate and Act on the Approval of Minutes of the April 14, 2014 Meeting.

3. Review an Application submitted by Holloway- Marshall & Marshall, Inc. on behalf of Danyale Webb- CP 28 TX to replat that certain lot, tract or parcel of land being all of Lot 2-R, Block 12, Country Club Estates Subdivision to the City of Hillsboro, Texas in accordance with the plat recorded in Volume 472, Page 341, Volume 524, Page 560 and Volume 532, Page 1031 of the Deed Records and Slide 5-B of the Plat Records Cabinet in Hill County, Texas becoming Lots 2R-1 and 2R-2.

4. Hear a Presentation Regarding Storm Shelters From the Community Development Director.

5. Hear Comments from People Wishing to Address the Commission.

6. Hear a Report from the Community Development Director.

7. Adjourn.


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