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Community Enhancement / Code Enforcement Program

The Community Enhancement/Code Enforcement Program’s goal is to help improve the quality of lives of those who live within the City of Hillsboro.

This is done by :
Proactive inspections
Educating community members on City Codes and State laws,
Collaboration with Community Stakeholders to solve problems, gain compliance and improve neighborhoods.

Example of Some Typical Code violations:

Junk and Unsightly Manner
Tall grass and weeds (in excess of 12 inches)
Junk vehicles
Parking in the front yard
Missing address numbers
Unsanitary Conditions

To make a report by email please send it to or feel free to contact R & A Coordinator Inv. Connie Best at 254 582-8406 ext. 25,

Pictures are from a Hillsboro Community/Code Enforcement Enhancement Project to help the community address substandard properties.  Click here to view.


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