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Code Red

codered-new-logoThe City of Hillsboro’s emergency contact system, Code Red, alerts citizens of impending situations such as severe weather conditions, tornados, and chemical spills. Code Red is geographically based, which means the system can ring a single household, a specific city block, a neighborhood, or an entire city.  A pre-recorded message is heard when a resident or answering machine
takes the call.  The system will ring a number 3 times if a busy signal is received.  Residents with caller ID will be able to identify the (999) 911-9991 number as an emergency.

The Code Red data base currently contains the published phone numbers for all the residents and businesses within Hillsboro and its ETJ. New residents are responsible for registering their contact numbers. Residents with unlisted numbers and TDD/TTY customers may register their numbers online at the Code Red Registration Link.

The purpose of the Code Red system is to relay important information as quickly as possible.  Residents are urged to go to the website and register not only unlisted numbers, but also  secondary contacts such as cell phone numbers.  Warnings may be sent out by the Code Red system, alerting citizens of severe weather conditions, chemical spills, train derailments, water outages, and other public dangers.

Emergency Management Coordinator
Office (254) 580-1269
Fax (254) 280-1214


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