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Water/Waste Water System

Distribution System
Maintains and services three water towers and one underground storage tank
Connects and disconnects water services
Maintains a daily chlorine residual on the entire water system

Provides installation, maintenance and service of:
Water meters, meter boxes and covers
Water taps and valves
Water mains
Fire hydrants
Water pumps

Collection System
Provides customer service lines, which are maintained by the customer
Maintains and provides service to 13 lift stations

Provides installation, maintenance and service of:
Sewer main and trunk lines in city streets and right-of-ways
Sewer taps and clean-outs
The collection system employs five persons.

Waste Water Treatment
 Three aeration racetracks
 Six clarifiers
 Contact chamber
 Chlorine and SO2 house
 Lab and control building
 Maintenance shop
 Sludge press
 Grit separator
 Two bar Screens
 Two holding ponds
The waste water treatment plant employs three persons.

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