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Conflict of Interest

In compliance with State Law and in the interest of Open Government, the City of Hillsboro posts all known conflicts of interest that exist for the mayor, council members, city managers, and administrators.

Local Government Code Ch. 176 Conflicts Disclosure
Chapter 176 requires that mayors, council members, city managers or administrators, and certain other city officials must file a “conflicts disclosure statement” with a city’s records administrator (usually the city secretary) within seven days of becoming aware of either of the following situations:

1. A city officer or the officer’s family member has an employment or business relationship that results in taxable income with a person who has contracted with the city or with whom the city is considering doing business.

2. A city officer or the officer’s family member receives and accepts one or more gifts with an aggregate value of $250 in the preceding 12 months from a person who conducts business or is being considered for business with the officer’s city.

The bill also requires a vendor that wishes to conduct business or be considered for business with a city to file a “conflict of interest questionnaire.” The conflicts disclosure statement (FORM CIS) and the conflict of interest questionnaire (FORM CIQ) were created by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) and are available online at Completed forms must be filed on a city’s Internet Web site.

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