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May 14, 2011 City Officers Election Cancelled

At the April 5, 2011 regular Hillsboro City Council meeting, the Council accepted the Certification of Unopposed Candidates presented by the City Secretary. Incumbents for Place 1 – Jim Riggins, Place 3 – Dana Robinson and Place 5 – John Versluis filed for re-election and were unopposed. Mayor John Erwin did not seek a third full term as the Mayor. Mayor Pro Tem Edith Omberg, currently representing Place 2 ran for Mayor and was also unopposed. Since all the candidates were unopposed, the order was issued declaring the City Officers Election, having the central polling place at Hillsboro Junior High School Gym, 210 E. Walnut, Hillsboro, Texas, On May 14, 2011 cancelled.

The following candidates are declared to be elected for the terms established by the Charter of the City of Hillsboro, Texas:

Mayor, Elected at Large – Edith Omberg

Councilmember, Place 1 – Jim Riggins

Councilmember, Place 3 – Dana Robinson

Councilmember, Place 5 – John Versluis

Candidates will take the Oath of Office and be issued a Certificate of Election at the regular meeting of the City Council scheduled for May 17, 2011.

View Resolution No. R2011-04-21 here.

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