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Severe Weather Awareness Week, February 21-27

Govtornado1ernor Perry of Texas has proclaimed the week of February 21st through February 27th, 2010, as Severe Weather Awareness Week.  Governor Perry reminds Texans of the life threatening nature of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, and urges Texans to stay informed and to take time now to prepare for severe weather.

Spring marks the time of year when severe storms and tornadoes increase in frequency and reach their maximum in Texas.  They bring all the devastating elements: tornadoes, lightning, large hail, damaging winds and flash flooding.  This is also a time when Texans increase their outdoor activities, placing them at an even greater risk.

The outlook for spring 2010 is to be more active than normal across Texas.  This is due in part to a moderate strength El Nino phase.  During El Nino, the waters in the Pacific are warmer than normal.  This typically results in more storminess across the southern third of the United States.  An average of 21 tornadoes occur each year across Texas.

Severe Weather Awareness Week is an excellent time for schools, hospitals, churches, businesses and civic organizations to review and practice severe weather safety plans.  This should also be done at home by all families to ensure that each family member knows how to be safe when severe weather threatens.  The best way to ensure that plans are adequate and can be activated is to test them with drills.

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