General Information
Chief of Public Safety
Tony Cain
(254) 582-1061
Phone Numbers
(254) 582-2401
Fax: (254) 582-3341
Emergencies: Dial 911
110 W Franklin St

Office Hours
M - F / 8am - 5pm
Hours of Operation
24 Hours / 7 days a week

Fire / Rescue FAQ

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No outside burning is permitted in the city limits of Hillsboro unless for cooking. If you are cooking in the ground contact central fire station with a location to avoid fire department response in case passerby calls 911.

Yes, the fire department is more than happy to come out and check or install smoke detectors. If you would like this service contact the central fire station.
Note: smoke detectors and batteries have limited availability. The detectors and batteries are donated by the community. Donations are accepted at the central fire station.

Station tours are welcome from 8-5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. No scheduling is needed. Come by and see us!
Note: For large groups or to have the Fire Department come to an even, please feel free to contact the Central Fire Station to schedule.

CPR and first aid classes are held at the Fire Department on the first Monday of each month. We ask that you please call ahead. Exceptions can be made for different times with large groups. Contact the Central Fire Station for scheduling or to ask questions about the classes.
Note: Cost is $10 for CPR and $10 for first aid, to cover the cost of books and CPR cards.

Yes, we can check your blood pressure anytime. That is a service that we provide. If we are out of the station, feel free to contact 911 and let them know the situation.

The Fire Department is more than willing to do home inspections for fire and safety hazards. For group events feel free to call and schedule a date to have someone from the Fire Department come out and speak.

The fire department personnel work 24hrs on duty and 48hrs off. The department is divided into three shifts (A, B, C) with 6 members assigned to each shift and a minimum staffing of 5 personnel. The station is staffed 24/7 including holidays.

You may contact the Central Fire Station to check necessary qualifications and test dates.

When you see emergency vehicle lights, move right in a controlled manner. Don’t slam on your brakes. If an emergency vehicle running lights and sirens approaches an intersection, stop and make eye contact with the driver to let them know that you see them.