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Rental Facilities FAQ

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The Historic City Hall deposit fee is $200.00 and the rental fee is $200.00. The deposit fee is required up front to hold the date and is held in a separate fund. There are other services we provide for a fee. The complete fee schedule can be found by going to the “Rental Facility” link found on the City’s home web page.

The Historic City Hall has an inventory of 20-round tables, 90-White folding chairs, 8-8 ft rectangles, and 4-6 ft rectangle tables. The use of the tables and chairs are included in the $200.00 rental fee.

The meeting hall can hold up to 150 persons seated at tables. No more than 200 for standing room only.

The Historic City Hall is available for an 8 hours rental use between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Approval by the facility administration is required to use the facility past 10 p.m. but no later than 12 a.m and additional rental fees apply. Your rental times include set up and clean up time as well.

Only free standing decorations and table decorations are allowed in the Historic City Hall. We do not allow any kind of rope, string, tape, nails, tacks, glue, poster putty attached to any painted surfaces, wood features, lighting fixtures, glass doors or windows.

Yes, with the help of our technician who will be in the building the entire time you are using the facility. They will turn on the sound system, and show you how to access the computer and projector systems. We do recommend you bring in a CD, flash drive, or personal laptop with the pictures, music, or PowerPoint pre-loaded. The building also has wireless internet access.

Yes, with approval of the facility administration and a copy of an approved security plan from the City of Hillsboro Police Department.

The security officer fee is $35.00 an hour per officer and they stay until the rental time is over. This is when they are paid by the renter. Off duty police officers volunteer to work the event. The Police Department determines how many security officers to have on the property and inside the building. The security officers have the option to call in additional security as needed.

In order to have the deposit refunded, we require the building be left as you found it with no damage. All food, trash, decorations, caterers equipment be removed that day. Cleaning requirements include wiping down tables and chairs before storing, sweeping and mopping excess debris and food/drink spills. We provide the cleaning tools, trash cans and liners and there is a dumpster located in the back parking lot. Non-compliance to any of these requirements will forfeit your deposit. If a refund is approved, then you will receive a check in the mail one to two weeks after the event

The building has a parking lot on the north side (Church & Fancher Streets) that will accommodate up to 15 cars. There is a city parking lot across from the front entrance on Franklin Street, and a County parking lot on Franklin just to the east of the building. Along with the street parking spaces, there is adequate parking for the building.

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