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City of Hillsboro
Welcome to Hillsboro Texas

Welcome to Hillsboro, a city brimming with central Texas culture and history.  The City of Hillsboro is recognized as a 2010 Main Street City.  Hillsboro offers small town appeal with intimate shops and cafés in the historic downtown district, while bustling with the growth of larger businesses, outlet shopping, restaurants and hotels along Interstate Highway 35.  Our city values a sense of community while growing through industry, technology and higher learning.  Discover the warmth and charm of Hillsboro, for a weekend of shopping or a lifetime of possibilities.

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Hillsboro, Texas – City Government

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Historic Preservation Commission Strives to Increase Public Awareness

The Hillsboro Historic Preservation Commission strives to increase public awareness of the value of historic, cultural and architectural preservation by developing and participating in public education programs. The Commission’s hope is that the public will share its concern that many historic landmarks in the Hillsboro area are in danger of being lost.

There are many notable structures and historic sites within the city that date from the 1850’s through the second half of the twentieth century. Some have received recognition, but many have not. Most are not protected against modification or destruction. Many properties have been lost or altered. You may view an incomplete list of endangered historic sites here.

Everyone is urged to review this list, keeping in mind that there is tremendous financial value in historic and architectural preservation. Tourism is a large contributor to Hillsboro’s economy, and much of its success depends upon the appeal of the unique buildings and houses in the city. Property values remain high when communities take pride in well-preserved neighborhoods.

The Commission encourages everyone to protect history when dealing with property in Hillsboro. The historical or architectural significance may not always be evident, so when in doubt, please notify the Preservation Commission prior to taking any action regarding a building or site.

Plan to attend a meeting of the Commission during the noon hour on the first Thursday of each month. Seeking to spread the word about preservation, representatives of the Commission are available to give presentations to any organization. Additional information may be obtained through the City of Hillsboro’s Community Development Department, located in the City Administration building at 214 East Elm Street. Call 254-582-2119.

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