General Information
John Graham
Phone Numbers
(254) 582-3731
Emergencies: Dial 911
1000 Airport Blvd.

Municipal Airport FAQ

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No, the closest flight school is in McGregor, FW Spinks, or Corsicana.

Mon-Fri, 7-4  minus holidays

Take I-35W North of Hillsboro to Exit 3. Double back on the service road, which is also Airport Blvd., and it will bring you to the Terminal Building.

Yes, but the radius is now down to 3 miles…pilots check with Waco Approach on 135.2 for details.

Yes, and we would request an extended upwind on RW34 to comply with sensitive airport neighbors to our SE.

Yes, and we accept most credit cards.

Yes, local operator Aerial Ag flies from here.