Crime Prevention Programs

The strategy of the Hillsboro Police Department’s Crime Prevention Program is preventing crimes, increasing community involvement in reducing crime and analyzing current crime trends in an attempt to reduce the chances of those crimes taking place in the future.

The police department has implemented the following programs:

House Watch
This program allows for members of the community to have their homes checked while on vacation. While we strive to check each home daily, there is no guarantee due to time constraints and staffing.

Home Inspection
If a member of the community would like to have ideas on making their homes a more difficult target for the criminal element, the Crime Prevention Officer can conduct a safety survey of the home and offer constructive suggestions.

Operation ID
These three elements decrease the chances of a criminal targeting your property:
Marking valuables with a driver’s license number using a pen that can only be seen with a black light.
Documenting valuables that have been marked and placing the form in a secure location.
Advertising that you participate in this program by placing a logo in a highly visible location in the front of your home.

Child Identification
Several times a year throughout the city, members of the police department set up personal safety displays.  At these events, officers take fingerprints of children and give the forms to the parents. This is a safety measure that can be very helpful if a child is lost or missing.

Hillsboro Safe Apartment Community Program
This once a month meeting targets managers of Apartment Communities and local law enforcement.  Information is exchanged regarding events that take place at each facility, and crime trends and safety techniques are presented to increase the safety of the communities.

For more information on these programs, contact Public Liaison Paula Bettis at (254) 582-8406 ext. 20.