How to Burglar-Proof Your Doors

How to Burglar-Proof Your Doors

Burglars break into your home when they believe no one is around so they can take your most valuable possessions. They look for houses that appear to be easy to get inside, either through a window or a door. That makes it imperative for every person to make sure their doors are as secure as possible. There are several ways to do this.

Keep Your Door In Plain Sight

A burglar won’t care if they break in through the front or back of the house, but if they feel the front door is well hidden it becomes an easy target. A house with overgrown trees and bushes can block the view of the front door, giving criminals a perfect spot to hide behind while they make their way inside. Keep any type of plant life trimmed back so thieves can not use them as a hiding place.

Check Your Door

Before adding any security devices to your door, examine it to see if it hangs properly and was installed correctly. Make sure there are screws in every hole for each hinge. The more securely a door is attached to the wall, the harder it will be to break down. If the hinges are loose or partially empty, it is important to fix them right away. Create new holes if the wood is rotted out and the screws are barely hanging on. Once the door is on as tightly as possible, you can include new locks and bolts.

Door Locks And Bolts

Some basic door locks are easy to get through. The lock can be pried back with a small instrument, allowing a burglar to open the door and get inside. You can add a Dead Latch door lock quickly and easily to make the entry way far more secure. These locks can not be pried open, so they are an inexpensive and very effective security device.

A rim lock can been installed on the inside portion of a door in just a few minutes. It includes a heavy duty dead bolt to make sure criminals can not pry it open.

The top and bottom of any door can be reinforced with flush bolts. These are bolts that make it impossible for a burglar to open the door for easy entrance. When installing any type of bolt, make sure everyone in the house knows how to lock and unlock them quickly. While they work well for keeping intruders out, they can also lock people inside during an emergency situation if everyone does not know how to operate them.

Your front and back doors are common and easy targets for burglars who may try to get inside your home. Don’t let them – take precautions to reinforce every door in your house and make sure they do not provide easy access for criminals.