General Information
Airport/Cemetery Superintendent
John Graham
Phone Numbers
(254) 582-3478
Emergencies: Dial 911
318 Morgan Street

8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday

City Cemeteries

Two cemeteries are located inside the city limits of Hillsboro. The Old City Cemetery at the corner of North Waco Street and North Chenault Street, is the smaller of the two and has just recently received a historical marker by the State of Texas. There have been no grave spaces available for sale in this cemetery since the 1940’s.

Ridge Park Cemetery , located off of Highway 77/81 (North Waco Street), spans 48 acres and is divided by Julatka Road. Funerals may be held in this cemetery, and grave spaces are available for purchase.

Improvements must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent per City Ordinance. Permits are required for monument installations and any type of curbing around grave spaces.

John Graham
Anthony Allgood